DJ Mike TzLee


DJ Mike TzLee is one of the original members of Compton's Most Wanted and may be more known as "DJ Mike T" who produced & co-produced songs like "Mike T's Funky Scratch", "Hood Took Me Under", "Who's Fu**in' Who" & "Compton 4 Life". Now a days he is  currently working at his home studio Startin Frum Skratch Studio under the business name "West Coast Skratch Gang Productions" in Inglewood CA.       


He continues to produce, mix & remix for CMW, himself as well as other underground artist that are up an coming in this music industry. He spends alot of his creative time doing skratchin' and co-production for almost any mixtape artist that need a special touch in skratchin' and/ or extra studio editing. 


In 2019 DJ Mike TzLee has revamped his original record label into the new Skratch Gang (due to new online distribution situations). Featuring albums by these independent rap artists. 

*Dogman Compton* rap album "Unstable and Disrespectful" which features single remixes " Real Beef, Side Nigga Games, You Ain't One and It's Okay" all produced by DJ Mike TzLee.

Inglewood rap artist "Madd Pupp" has released a couple of mixtapes "Project Old School" & "Genesis"(Available on And *Madd Pupp* new 2019 album "Big Homie Music". Produced exclusively by DJ Mike TzLee for W.C. Skratch Gang Productions.

Currently to end the year of 2020 and the COVID19 Pandemic

DJ Mike TzLee has done skratches for 2 songs coming out soon on Tha Chill new album Elephant called "Pitcha A Nigga" & "Here It Is". 

Also DJ Mike TzLee has teamed up Sean Deez & The Wrongkind Inglez team doing music production, mixing & skratches. 

DJ Mike TzLee has recently released 8 instrumental albums under his production company name The W.C. Skratch Gang

The W.C. Skratch Gang (Instrumental Albums)

1) Music In G Major 2017

2) Side Bets & Debts 2017

3) Anue Merika (Volume 1) 2018

4) Home Studies (Volume 1) 2018

5) Home Studies (Volume 2) 2018

6) Anue Merika (Volume 2) 2019

7) Free Beats (Volume 1) 2019

8) Free Beats (Volume 2) 2019

9) The Ex (Volume 1) 2019

10) The Ex (Volume 2) 2019

11) The Outro (Volume 1) 2020 

12) The Outro (Volume 2) 2020

13) The Outro (Volume 3)  2020

14) The Outro (Volume 4) 2020

15)The Outro  (Volume 5) 2021

Coming Soon: These Instrumentals (Vol. 1) April 2021

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